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Collaborating for a Healthier Future: TAG4MHA's Guidance Shapes the ISHA Ecosystem

Technical Advisory Group on Measurement of Healthy Aging at WHO, Geneva

The ISHA project is taking a significant step forward in its quest to revolutionize healthy ageing, following the Consultative Meeting of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Measurement of Healthy Ageing (TAG4MHA) in Geneva. Held from April 12th to 14th, this pivotal event has provided critical guidance for the project, setting the stage for an innovative and effective approach to monitoring and enhancing the well-being of older adults worldwide. The event was organized by WHO, and attended by representatives worldwive, including founding members of the ISHA project: Dr. Jothees Amuthavalli Thiyagarajan; Professor Ivan Bautmans; and Rudi Tielemans.

The TAG4MHA meeting focused on finalizing core indicators that will be used to monitor the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030). A major outcome of the meeting was the development of draft recommendations and next steps for measuring intrinsic capacity and functional ability. These crucial factors underpin the ISHA project's ecosystem, and the guidance provided at the meeting will help ensure that our efforts are both scientifically rigorous and practical for real-world implementation. In addition to finalizing recommendations for intrinsic capacity and functional ability measurement, the meeting provided valuable insights on addressing challenges specific to the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing's action areas, including ageism, age-friendly environments, integrated care, and long-term care. Participants also discussed the development of an Ageing Survey Module for the WHO World Health Survey Plus (WHS+), which will further enhance our understanding of the ageing process and inform future interventions.

With the guidance obtained from the TAG4MHA meeting, the ISHA project is well-prepared to embark on further work developing the fully functioning ecosystem, including software and hardware development and clinical studies.

By incorporating the recommendations and insights gained from this meeting, we are well-equipped to make a lasting impact on the lives of older adults, promoting better health, independence, and overall well-being. Together, we can create a brighter future for ageing populations worldwide.

Dr. Jothees Amuthavalli Thiyagarajan at the TAG4MHA



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