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Eforto®: Revolutionizing Muscle Fatigability Monitoring and Empowering Aging Adults

A recent publication in Aging Clinical and Experimental Research (Springer) on March 10th, 2023, highlights the validity and reliability of Eforto®, a groundbreaking system designed to monitor grip strength and muscle fatigability in older adults. Developed by a team led by Professor Ivan Bautmans from the Free University Brussels in collaboration with Instituto de Telecomunicações (Portugal) and UniWeb BV (Belgium), Eforto® is set to play an essential role in the ISHA ecosystem.

The Power of Eforto®: Validity and Reliability

The study conducted by the Eforto® team compared the system with the established Martin Vigorimeter (MV), demonstrating no significant differences between the two systems and excellent correlations for the measured outcomes. Moreover, Eforto® showed good intra-rater reliability in community-dwellers, which improved when the average values of two consecutive days were considered. Furthermore, the inter-rater reliability for hospitalized geriatric patients and patients with hip fracture was good to very good. These findings emphasize the effectiveness of Eforto® as a reliable tool for remote monitoring of physical reserves in older adults.

Eforto® in the ISHA Ecosystem: Enhancing Remote Monitoring and Care

As a vital component of the ISHA ecosystem, Eforto® will provide older adults with a user-friendly tool for self assessment of grip strength and muscle fatigability. This will open a path for early detection of age-related physical decline, encouraging proactive health management, and fostering prevention and timely intervention. Healthcare providers will benefit from standardized muscle strength and fatigue monitoring, enabling them to address issues before frailty and dependency symptoms appear and support at-home assessments.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Eforto®

Eforto® is set to play a transformative role in aging populations, revolutionizing the way physical reserves are monitored and managed. With ongoing commitment to research and development, the Eforto® team will continue to refine and expand the capabilities of this innovative system, making a lasting impact on healthy aging and healthcare management. Stay tuned for updates on future studies and the exciting advancements in store for Eforto® on its website:

The publication can be accessed here:



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